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Copyright control by Kuvasto ry Finland.
Jari Eklund works as a contractual artist of Kuvasto.
Kuvasto, founded in 1987, is a copyright society for artists working in the field of visual arts.
Kuvasto assign permissions for the use of the works of Jari Eklund and collect exhibition fees for the display of works.

Permissions in Finland
You may apply for permission to use image, restricted to use in Finland, in the e-services section of Kuvasto’s website
(n.b. The e-form is only available in Finnish).

Other countries
Kuvasto has entered reciprocity agreements with 34 international copyright societies operating in the field of visual arts.
On the basis of these agreements, the affiliate organizations represent Finnish artists abroad.
When the works of Finnish artists are used abroad, the relevant affiliates remit the collected compensations to Kuvasto.
Kuvasto is also a member of European Visual Artists (EVA).
If you have questions about this, or need more info on using my images, please feel free to contact me.