A year without electricity

My choice was to live one year without electricity. How long will You survive without electricity? Try to unplug your daily routine by using no electrical power. That means anything powered by electricity that helps you get your daily routines on. I’m not saying don’t do anything during this period, quite the opposite! Think of ways you can live organically — i.e. cook a meal that you could make without using electricity. clean the house, make a cup of tee, etc. Live! – but without electricity at all.

In order to be truly independent we need to at least have the ability to get by without any electricity at all. Just think about how our grandparents and great-grandparents did it. That’s not too long ago.

This serie of photos is about that year. What is was, and what it was not. The original works are based on 40cm x 60cm plates made of peat. The process is based on heat and pressure, no chemicals were used. After the plates were shaped on form, water-soluble ink were used to print out the picture. After a tour in photoexhibitions the plates will be washed and the peat used will be returned to the nature.