Born 1962,
Fine art photographer
Perhonjokilaakso, Finland

Jari Eklund (s.1962) works as a fine art photographer in Perhonjokilaakso, western Finland. Eklund is a graduated photographer and a visual art artist.

In his work Eklund is using analogical photography methods. As well as using B&W and chromogenic processes he also uses alternative methods (anthotype, cyanotype, bromoil, collodion process).  Eklund’s workspace is an artist’s loft in Veteli Art Mansion in Perhonjokilaakso. He also works at the Vallila Studio Centre in Helsinki where he has facilities to work with color prints.

Jari Eklund’s work covers the field of photography very widely.  He is a cabinet member of Värinä, a co-operative for artists and has a color laboratory as well as digital photo editing and printing facilities in Helsinki. Eklund is the vice-chairman of the Ostrobothnian Photography Centre. He has been teaching photography and held several photography workshops since 2004.  Along with photography Eklund also is a published writer (f.ex Tiger Twist, WSOY, 2003).

Main exhibitions from the past five years:
– 2016, Pimiö, group exhibition, the Finnish Museum of Photoraphpy, Helsinki.
– 2015, Katso vielä, group exhibition, Art Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE
– 2013, Rockin’Around,, private exhibition, gallery of Finnish photographic history association, Virrat.

Jari Eklund’s started his professional photographer’s carreer in youth magazine Suosikki where he worked during the years 1982-1985.

Eklund currently: new and old side by side.

Jari Eklund has been working on his on-going project Rockin’Around​ ​ for years already. The project started in the autumn of 1982 and he plans to carry on the project as long as he and his colleagues are able to work with photography.

Summer of 2017 Eklund spent with his Chromatography​ –project where he worked with a pinhole camera made out of a plastic bucket. He calls the bucket cameras “Camera Situla” and he has placed 50 of those cameras around Perhonjokilaakso.

Eklund held his first Retrospective 1977​ – lecture In Kerava in January 2017 and the lectures will carry on into autumn 2017. There are 20 lectures all together.

Art Promotion Centre Finland and Central Ostrobothnia Foundation have funded a photography project that Eklund is a part of. The project will be published during the winter 2017-2018.